Visual Merchandising Compliance

Our cutting-edge system empowers your central VM teams to effortlessly oversee visual merchandising execution and Point of Sale implementation across your entire store network.

With seamless image requests and confirmations, our platform enables the highest standards of VM execution.

Efficiently managing visual merchandising execution across a vast retail network is no small feat. In a world where details matter most, gaining accurate insights into how VM campaigns are delivered in-store can be a daunting task. Ensuring every store actions changes in display to exacting standards is time consuming, and can be difficult to execute and repeat for each campaign. But that’s where our systems step in to provide the solution you need!

Store Feedback

Stores can easily confirm that the changes have been made with a quick “yes, it’s done”, detail any problems, or upload images to show you exactly how they’ve implemented your changes

Issue Management

Simple store feedback ensures that any hiccups or unexpected roadblocks are promptly brought to your attention, so you can take swift action to resolve them

Data-Driven Improvements

The information, issues and feedback gathered from stores contributes to a cycle of improvement. You can analyse patterns, identify recurring challenges, and refine your VM strategies for even better results

Peace of Mind

With store confirmation and issue reporting, you’re not just hoping your VM changes have been implemented, you’re getting the assurance of VM compliance you need to confidently showcase your brand’s visual identity

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How we empowered a retailer to ensure precise delivery of VM changes

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