Managing your stores

Our solutions are a great way to centralise and rationalise retail estate management.

Requirements from across the business can be brought together with our retail estate management solutions, into coordinated store and management tasks, backed up with full centralised reporting.

Managing large retail estates is a complex business. Whether your stores are company-managed, are owned and run by franchisees, or you operate a hybrid model, there are many challenges. Different teams have their own requirements for each store, and managing their area of interest can be time-consuming and hard to do consistently. That’s where our Retail estate management solutions can help!

Efficient Data Collection

Our streamlined approach to data collection has led to more efficient and structured gathering of information during store visits. This allows management teams to focus on critical aspects of operations and performance evaluation

Enhanced Data Analysis

With our systems, businesses can analyse collected data more effectively. Our tools and processes enable quicker identification of trends, challenges, and opportunities, leading to data-driven insights that guide decision-making

Streamlined Operations

By using our systems, departments throughout the business have the ability to service their needs from stores, without adding unnecessary complication to the stores running. Tasks are seamlessly added into stores workloads, and the results are available in real-time via centralised reporting

Improved Store Performance

Insights gained using our enhanced data collection and analysis have directly contributed to improved store performance. Businesses can identify areas for optimisation, address operational bottlenecks, and implement changes that lead to a more efficient and profitable operation

Stores can be asked to complete many different tasks by different teams, leaving them feeling their time is hard to manage, and they’re being pulled from pillar to post. Our multi-store retail estate management solutions rationalise all of this, streamlining tasking to stores, integrating the requirements of the many different parts of the business, and giving management centralised, up-to-the-minute reporting.

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Our multi-store management solutions stats speak volumes


store sessions per week


individual store tasks completed


hours saved in store

How we helped a transform the productivity of management store visits

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Retail estate management solutions for Tasks, Reporting, and Beyond

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