Elevating Visual Merchandising Compliance for a Leading Retail Chain

A leading retail chain with hundreds of stores nationwide faced challenges in maintaining consistent visual merchandising standards across diverse company- and franchise-owned locations.

The client struggled to ensure that accurate merchandising changes were implemented, leading to discrepancies in their brand presentation and customer experiences.

The Challenge

We wanted to understand more about accurate merchandising changes so we spent time talking to teams in store, regional managers and the company’s VM experts so that we could produce a solution that helped everyone.

For the store teams, late deliveries, missing or damaged items were the main causes of frustration. For the regional managers and VM teams, the time taken and difficulties of getting an accurate view of compliance was the main issue they faced.


Once we had a full understanding we were able to implement our solution.

  • DIGITAL TASK LISTS: Each store received a clear checklist of tasks, ensuring a standardised approach to communicating and delivering VM changes
  • CONFIRMATION: We integrated confirmation steps into the process, requiring stores to upload images and confirm completion of VM changes. This step provided immedate visibility of execution to regional mangers and the central VM teams
  • ISSUE REPORTING: Stores were enabled to report any challenges or issues encountered during VM changes. This real-time reporting enabled immediate visibility of any problems as they occured
  • REPORTING: we created comprehensive reporting that could be used to monitor campaign delivery, learn from issues that arose, and improve future visual merchandising changes

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    Our systems transformed the execution and confidence in VM delivery.

    The digital task lists and confirmation mechanism led to a significant improvement in accurate merchandising changes across all stores. The issue reporting feature enabled stores to report challenges as they arose, leading to quick problem-solving and minimising the impact on brand presentation.

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