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For busy retail managers, it’s all too easy to get caught up in day-to-day operations, forgetting to think strategically often enough.

Our free 360Plan can help you to keep focus!

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Welcome to 360Plan

Thank you for your interest in 360Plan. This self-assessment retail management tool is designed to empower managers like you. By taking a strategic pause to assess crucial aspects of your operations, you’re already on the path to unlocking your full potential.

Cognatech are experts in providing business intelligence solutions that empower retail and franchise businesses to make smarter, more informed decisions quicker.

Our solutions give managers real-time oversight and control of day-to-day operations across the retail estate. Our system streamlines interaction with stores, simplifying tasking and gathering data that informs and helps you to implement strategies to achieve consistency – of brand, store management and compliance. It lets you report, critique, compare and optimise – taking you and your teams to your goals.

Business Intelligence in Action

We’re experts at this – we’ve been doing this for years. We’re proud of our history and our stats speak for themselves.


questions asked


managerial store visits completed


regulatory compliances assured


images captured and stored


store sessions per week


individual store tasks completed

Take a few minutes to step back from the day-to-day, and think of things from a slightly different perspective.

Consider each of the areas – whether you’re inspired with specific ideas and write lots, or have merely taken the time to ponder and jot in a couple of notes, it doesn’t matter – every time you complete it will be different. It’s the thought that counts!

The 360Plan is a simple, easy to use PDF file, with boxes that you can type your thoughts into, save, share with your colleagues, and revisit time and time again.

You’ll find different areas to consider, including:

  • Explore how well your objectives align with overall business goals
  • Think about the impact of your goals on the bigger picture
  • Identify processes that could be streamlined for greater efficiency
  • Examine how optimising your workflow can lead to operational excellence
  • Evaluate your current use of technology and data for information and monitoring
  • What opportunities do you have to leverage tech for more informed decisions?
  • Assess how you’re investing in your team’s training and development
  • Take time to think about strategies to empower your team for long-term success

Simply complete the form to access your complimentary copy of 360Plan. We hope this retail management tool helps you achieve positive change in your management journey.

After completing the assessment, we’d love to hear about the insights you gained. Join the conversation on our LinkedIn post, share your thoughts, and learn from others in the retail community.